British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 31 Issue 3 (September 1992), Pages 257-384

Book Reviews (pages 377-384)

Book reviewed in this article:

Behaviour Disorders of Adolescence: Research, Intervention and Policy in Clinical and School Settings. Edited by Robert J McMahon & Ray Dev.

Counselling and Communication in Health Care. Edited by H. Davis & L. Fallowfield.

Handbook of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. Edited by J. J. Sweet, R. H. Rozensky & S. M. Tovian.

A Practical Guide to Cognitive Therapy. By Dean Schuyler.

The Challenge of Severe Mental Handicap. A Behaviour Analytic Approach. By B. Remington.

Quantification of Human Defence Mechanisms. Edited by M. Olff, G. Godaert & H. Ursin.

Problems and Methods in Longitudinal Research: Stability and Change. Edited by D. Magnusson, L. R. Bergman, G. Rudinger & B. Törestad.

Drugs and Behavior: A Sourcebook for the Helping Professions. By R. Schilit & E. S. L. Gomberg.

The Cocaine Recovery Book. The Cocaine Recovery Workbook. By P. H. Earley.

Clinical Child Psychology. Social Learning, Development and Behaviour. By Martin Herbert.

The Psychology of Health: An Introduction. Edited by M. Pitts & K. Phillips.

Combatting Mental Handicap. A Multidisciplinary Approach. Edited by P. C. Evans & A. D. B.

Women's Madness: Misogyny or Mental Illness?By Jane Ussher.

Women in Families: A Framework for Family Therapy. Edited by Monica McGoldrick, Carol M. Anderson & Froma Walsh.

The Myth of Addiction. By John Booth Davies.

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