British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 35 Issue 4 (November 1996), Pages i-i, 487-646

WAIS‐R short‐forms: Criterion validity in healthy and clinical samples (pages 638-640)

Regression equations developed by Crawford, Allan & Jack (1992) to estimate full‐length WAIS‐R IQs from seven short‐forms were evaluated in healthy (N = 153) and neurological (N = 471) cross‐validation samples. In the healthy sample the correlations between the short‐forms and full‐length IQs did not differ significantly from those obtained by Crawford et al. (1992). In the neurological sample the six‐and seven‐subtest short‐forms, proposed by Crawford et al. (1992) and Warrington, James & Maciejewski (1986) respectively, differed from the other short‐forms in that they had significantly higher criterion validity coefficients and did not systematically under‐ or overestimate IQs.

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