British Journal of Psychology

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Volume 60 Issue 2 (May 1969), Pages 149-285

BOOK REVIEWS (pages 261-281)

Book reviewed in this article:

Introduction to Physiological Psychology. By F. Leukel

Cognitive Processes in Maturity and Old Age. By Jack Botwinick

The Development of Role‐Taking and Communication Skills in Children. By John H. Flavell in collaboration with Patricia T. Botkin, Charles L. Fry, Jr., John W. Wright and Paul E. Jarvis

Fundamentals of Skill. By A. T. Welford

The Hallucinogens. By A. Hoffer and H. Osmond

Biological Psychiatry: A Review of Recent Advances. By J. R. Smythies with the collaboration of Alec Coppen and Norman Kreitman

Foundations of Child Psychiatry. Edited by Emanuel Miller

Learning, Language and Cognition. By Arthur W. Staats

The Perception of People and Events. By Peter B. Warr and Christopher Knapper

Creative Research Scientists. By R. J. Shapiro.

Lucid Dreams. By Celia Green

Out‐of‐the‐Body Experiences. By Celia Green

Early Experience and Behavior: The Psychobiology of Development. Edited by Grant Newton and Seymour Levine.

Early Experience and the Organization of Behavior. By J. P. Scott

Human Aging and Behavior: Recent Advances in Research and Theory. Edited by George A. Talland

A History of Genetic Psychology: The First Science of Human Development. By Robert E. Grinder

Jung's Contribution to Our Time: Collected Works of Eleanor Bertine. Edited by E. C. Rohrbach

Early Education. Edited by Robert D. Hess and Roberta Meyer Bear

Lehrbuch der experimentellen Psychologie. By Richard Meili and Hubert Rohracher

Towards Effective Counseling and Psychotherapy: Training and Practice. By C. B. Truax and R. R. Carkhuff

Phobias: Their Nature and Control. By S. Rachman

The Regulation of Behaviour. By E. A. Lunzer

Olfaction and Odours: An Osphrésiological Essay. By William McCartney

Truancy. By Maurice J. Tyerman

Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics. By John Lyons

Modern Perspectives in World Psychiatry. Edited by John G. Howells

Attention in Learning: Theory and Research. By Tom Trabasso and Gordon H. Bower

Attention in Discrimination Learning: A Point of View and a Theory. By Elijah Lovejoy

The Study of Personality: An Interdisciplinary Appraisal. Edited by Edward Norbeck, Douglass Price‐Williams and William M. McCord

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