British Journal of Psychology

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Volume 82 Issue 1 (February 1991), Pages 1-128

Book reviews (pages 103-117)

Book reviewed in this article:

Psychological Methods in Criminal Investigation and Evidence. By D. C. Raskin.

People and Computers V: Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the British Computer Society Human‐Computer Interaction Specialist Group, University of Nottingham, 5–8 September 1989. Edited by A. Sutcliffe & L. Macaulay.

Psychology of Science: Contributions to Metascience. Edited by B. Gholson, W. R.

Emotion: Theory, Research and Experience, vol. 4: The Measurement of Emotions. Edited by R. Plutchik & H. Kellerman.

Key Issues in Mental Retardation Research. Edited by W. I. Fraser.

Occupational Stress in a Caring Profession. By J. Handy.

The Neurobiology of Memory: Concepts, Findings and Trends. By Y. Dudai.

Lesion Analysis in Neuropsychology. By H. Damasio and A. R. Damasio.

Models of Brain Function. Edited by R. M. J. Cotterill.

Primary Prevention of AIDS. Edited by V. M. Mays, G. W. Albee & S. F. Schneider.

AIDS, Drugs and Prostitution. Edited by M. Plant.

AIDS: Individual, Cultural and Policy Dimensions. Edited by P. Aggleton, P. Davies & G. Hart.

Enemies of Freedom. By Bob Altmeyer.

The Roots of Prosocial Behaviour in Children. By N. Eisenberg & P. H. Mussen.

Psychology and Crime. By Clive Hollin. London: Routledge. 1989. Pp. 277. Cased, £30.00; paper, £12.95.

Anxiety and Stress Management. By T. J. Powell & S. J. Enright.

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