British Journal of Psychology

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Volume 86 Issue 4 (November 1995), Pages 449-559

The search for structure in conceptual representation: A response to Perruchet et al. (pages 523-526)

In a critical note of some of our studies, Perruchet, Pacteau & Gallego (1993) suggest that performance on category recognition, which we account for through storage of imperfect covariations, can in fact be accounted for in terms of a very simple exemplar‐storage model. It is argued here that Perruchet et al. exaggerate the effectiveness of their model; that they fail to mention experimental data that their exemplar model cannot account for; that their attempt to reduce the effectiveness of a covariation model to background knowledge is paradoxical; and that their own model is dangerously unconstrained, theoretically, in adopting arbitrary coefficients for improving data fits.

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