British Journal of Psychology

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Volume 86 Issue 4 (November 1995), Pages 449-559

Book reviews (pages 549-559)

Book reviewed in this article:

Gender Identities and Education: The Impact of Starting School. By B. Lloyd & G. Duveen.

Stories of Childhood: Shifting Agendas of Child Concern. By R. Stainton Rogers & W. Stainton Rogers.

Children's Welfare and the Law: The Limits of Legal Intervention. By M. King & J. Trowell.

Nonparametric Statistics: An Introduction. By J. D. Gibbons.

SPSS/PC+ Made Simple. By P. R. Kinnear & C. D. Gray.

SPSS For Windows Made Simple. By P. R. Kinnear & C. D. Gray.

Language, Thought and Representation. By R. J. Stevenson.

Becoming Men: The Development of Aspirations, Values, and Adaptational Styles. By Daniel A. Hart.

Mental Lives: Case Studies in Cognition. Edited by R. Campbell.

The Kaspar Hauser Syndrome of' Psychosocial Dwarfism’: Deficient Statural, Intellectual, and Social Growth Induced by Child Abuse. By John Money.

Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology. By Rhoda Unger & Mary Crawford.

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