British Journal of Psychology

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Volume 86 Issue 2 (May 1995), Pages 161-319

Book reviews (pages 301-313)

Book reviewed in this article:

Discursive Psychology. By D. Edwards & J. Potter.

Personality at Work: The Role of Individual Differences in the Workplace. By A. Furnham.

Language, Interaction and Social Cognition. Edited by G. R. Semin & K. Fiedler.

Feminism and Psychoanalysis: A Critical Dictionary. Edited by Elizabeth Wright.

Psychology and Postmodernism. Edited by S. Kvale.

Vulnerability and Resilience in Human Growth. Edited by B. Tizard & V. Varma.

Health Psychology: Stress, Behaviour and Disease. By D. Carroll.

Accounting for Transsexualism and Transhomosexuality. By Bryan Tully.

The Nature of Nurture. By T. D. Wachs.

A History of Hypnotism. By Alan Gauld.

It Shouldn't Happen to a Patient. By Pittu Laungani.

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