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Volume 4 Issue 4 (Autumn (Fall) 1986), Pages 351-490

Stealing money: An assessment of bank embezzlers (pages 481-490)


This study sought to construct a profile of a contemporary bank embezzler using data from the U.S. Probation Office in Denver on 62 persons adjudicated guilty of embezzlement. The typical embezzler was a 26‐year‐old, married, Caucasian female having a high school education, earning less than $10,000 annually and working in an entry level position for less than one year. Embezzlers tended to commit their crimes alone, stealing less than $5,000 for a period under a year. The most frequently reported motivation for the defalcation was a marital or family problem, with most offenders using the embezzled funds to pay off personal debts. Significant differences in amount embezzled were found by race, education, job position, length of employment, duration of embezzlement, and involvement of an accomplice.

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