International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 3 Issue 3 (July 1995), Pages 157-202

Organizational Competencies: A Valid Approach for the Future? (pages 168-177)

This paper attempts to integrate concepts of organizational competency across a number of levels of analysis. It provides grounded evidence on existing application and practice, and synthesizes research and development in the area of organizationally derived management competencies. Consideration is given to the underlying theoretical assumptions and definitional issues raised by existing practice. The paper highlights the range of human resource strategies or programmes used to integrate activity and implement strategic changes, and examines the shift in thinking about the importance and nature of management competency. Organization‐specific approaches are reviewed and the benefits analysed. A critical review of attempts at integration suggests that application of competency‐based approaches within organizations has fallen behind advances in strategic human resource management and that there is a need to shift application towards more future–oriented and strategic contexts. Weaknesses associated with existing approaches to management competency are analysed as is the issue of validity. Finally, the implications of considering competencies as an organizational level resource for human resource strategy are discussed.

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