International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 3 Issue 3 (July 1995), Pages 157-202

New Directions for Performance Appraisal: Some Findings and Observations (pages 191-196)

The changing emphasis on the aims of performance appraisal systems is discussed, with particular reference to the notion of appraisal as a motivating mechanism. The contention of the Total Quality school that the traditional focus on the assessment function of appraisal is counterproductive is supported, and some data are presented illustrating the doubtful value and accuracy of appraisal ratings, both for evaluating staff and as validation criteria for personality measures. Some implications of recent organizational changes for the development role of performance appraisal are reviewed, with particular reference to upward feedback and competency‐based appraisal. Finally, the emerging shape of a new approach to meeting the purposes formerly served by appraisal systems is described.

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