International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 3 Issue 2 (April 1995), Pages 73-155

Taskomat: Evaluation of a Computerized Test Battery (pages 105-114)

A case study on a computerized test battery is presented based on more than a decade of use in military and civil settings. The study sheds light on the general issues associated with computerized testing. The accent is on the contrast between computerized and traditional paper‐and‐pencil testing. The computerized battery, called Taskomat, is founded on concepts arising from human performance theory. The tests of the battery are described, as well as issues related to the hardware (cost of purchasing, hardware reliability and industrial styling). Criteria used to evaluate the content of the tests were: reliability, robustness of effects, uniqueness or newness of abilities relative to paper‐and‐pencil testing, and validity of these abilities for predicting occupational success. A conclusion is that a theoretical foundation helps to increase the likelihood of assessing new abilities.

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