International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 5 Issue 2 (April 1997), Pages 91-148

Changes in Newcomers' Person–Climate Fit following the First Stage of Socialization (pages 101-114)

The development of attitudes and activities of newcomers in the 18 months following the first period of socialization was investigated. At two points in time, persons' preferences for seven work climates were compared with perceived climate. Changes in person‐climate fit were assessed, using a squared difference index, after alternative fit‐indices were tested with hierarchical regression analysis. Person‐climate fit and work attitudes at T1 (eight to ten months after entry) were examined by comparing three groups of respondents who did not change jobs, changed jobs within the organization or changed organizations. Results showed no alpha, beta or gamma changes for the total group of 108 respondents. Alpha changes were only found for respondents who changed jobs. They showed higher ratings for job satisfaction at T2. Finally, work attitudes at T1 were related to turnover. Organizational changers showed higher turnover intentions and higher discrepancies between preferred and perceived risk orientation and work pressure at T1.

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