International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 5 Issue 2 (April 1997), Pages 91-148

The Role of General and Specific Psychomotor Tracking Ability in Validity (pages 128-136)

A study of 1,099 males and females in pilot training was conducted to investigate the relative importance of general and specific factors of psychomotor tracking ability in the prediction of several pilot training criteria. Measures of psychomotor tracking ability were derived from the Basic Attributes Test (Carretta and Ree 1994). The criteria were the dichotomous passing or failing pilot training and the average of six flying work samples. Comparisons of linear models indicated that general psychomotor tracking ability was the source of most of the validity and that only the specific measure of reaction time was incremental. Reaction time, although part of the psychomotor taxonomy, has frequently been identified as a measure of cognitive ability.

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