Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 5 Issue 3 (August 1995), Pages fmi-fmi, 147-217

Negative affectivity and consumption of alcohol: A general population study (pages 173-181)


The present paper investigates a possible association between components of negative affectivity and alcohol habits in an ethnically and linguistically homogenous nationwide sample of non‐institutionalized adults (N = 8096). Negative affectivity was assessed employing the Hopkins Symptom Check List [HCSL; Derogatis et al. (1974) Behavioural Science, 19, 1–15]. A weak, positive, bivariate correlation between manifest anxiety and use of alcohol was found. Phobic anxiety, depression and somatizing were negatively correlated with alcohol habits. Sociodemographic variables such as age, level of education and family income were more strongly associated with use of alcohol than self‐reported negative affect. Controlled for the sociodemographic variables in logistic regression analyses, manifest anxiety and somatizing were still significantly related to alcohol habits.

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