Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 5 Issue 3 (August 1995), Pages fmi-fmi, 147-217

A longitudinal study of job loss in relation to the grief process (pages 183-188)


This study extended a previous assessment of the applicability of the grief process to job‐loss, using a longitudinal sample. A sample of 38 unemployed men were interviewed shortly after job loss (t1), and at four times over the following year (t2t5), using a structured interview, a personal scaling technique [PQRST: Mulhall (1978), Manual for Personal Questionnaire Scaling Technique. NFER], and standard questionnaires of attachment to the former job, anxiety and depression. Of the sample, 24% fulfilled a criterion for a grief‐like response at t1. Factor analysis of the PQRST showed evidence for a general grief factor. A composite grief score from the interview was associated with two measures of job attachment (at t1), and with questionnaire measures of depression and anxiety at t1t1. There was a gradual decline over time in the grief reaction.

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