Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 5 Issue 4 (October 1995), Pages fmi-fmi, 221-289

Assessment of male and female behaviour in the employment interview (pages 243-257)


Personality assessment has a great impact on the outcomes of the selection interview. Women are perceived to have personality characteristics which are different from men. It is doubtful whether these sex stereotyped personality characteristics are based on real differences in verbal and nonverbal behaviour between men and women. Previous studies have shown the influence of sex stereotypes on interview‐outcomes. In this study, the relationship between verbal and nonverbal behaviour of male and female applicants and their personality assessment has been investigated. Results show that males and females are assessed stereotypically based on their sex, but also based on their behaviour. For females, a feminine or masculine assessment is of special importance for her chance of selection. The less feminine is a woman's assessment the more likely she is to be accepted as an eligible candidate by the selection board. These accepted women show ‘female’ behaviour as well as ‘male’ behaviour.

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