Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 6 Issue 5 (December 1996), Pages fmi-fmi, i-i, 311-414

Poverty and Mental Health: Underclaiming of Welfare Benefits (pages 395-402)


The study undertaken by a local MIND welfare benefits service found that 51% of people attending a local mental health resource centre were not receiving the welfare benefits to which they were entitled. Being in receipt of correct benefit entitlement was found to be unaffected by: whether a person had a long history of using mental health services; whether they had a care manager; or whether they had previously been given benefits advice. Women were less likely to be receiving their correct benefit entitlement than men. It is argued that the only way to guarantee that people receive their full benefit entitlement is to ensure that highly trained and experienced welfare benefits advisers are readily accessible to all people who use mental health services.

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