Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 25 Issue 5 (March 1995), Pages 371-462

The Looks‐Personality Relationship: Global Self‐Orientations as Shared Precursors of Subjective Physical Attractiveness and Self‐Ascribed Traits (pages 371-398)

A global self‐orientations model of the relationship between subjective physical attractiveness and personality is described and tested. This model, which proposes that self‐esteem and two types of social desirability (self‐presentation and self‐deception) are causal antecedents in the self‐rated looks‐personality link, was supported in two studies. In Studies 1 (n= 243 females) and 2 (n= 160 males), self‐esteem and social desirability independently had an impact on self‐judgments of both physical attractiveness and personality, and statistically controlling for the impact of the global self‐orientations substantially reduced the covariation between subjective attractiveness and personality scores. In addition, consistent with previous research, self‐rated attractiveness was found to be significantly correlated with a wider range of personality attributes than was objective attractiveness.

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