Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 25 Issue 19 (October 1995), Pages 1671-1764

The Effects of Street Noise and Field Independency on Police Officers' Shooting Behavior (pages 1714-1725)

Two studies examining the effects of street noise on police officers' emotion, perception, and performance in simulated shooting events are discussed. Compared to previous research, our studies had a higher ecological validity. In our studies, “relevant” noise was introduced, the subjects were police officers instead of students, and the behavior we examined was police behavior in simulated firearms incidents. Results revealed that noise resulted in increased emotion, a narrowed perception, and an impairment in performance on secondary tasks. In Study 2, the effects of field independency on emotion, perception, and performance were examined. The outcomes showed that high field‐independent subjects compared to low field independent subjects obtained better results regarding perception and performance. Finally, some implications are discussed.

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