Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 26 Issue 1 (January 1996), Pages 1-94

Gender‐Role Differences in Decision‐Making Orientations and Decision‐Making Skills (pages 76-94)

The relationship between gender role identification and decision making orientations was examined. Decision making was analyzed in terms of decision making orientation (behavioral, cognitive, and emotional) and decision making skills (problem definition and formulation, generation of alternative solutions, choice process, solution implementation, and verification). The results revealed a 2‐factor characterization of general decision making in terms of approach‐avoidance tendencies and self‐appraisals of decision skills. A masculinity model was supported for decision making orientation, with masculinity serving as the only significant predictor. In contrast, an androgyny model was supported for decision making skills, with masculinity and femininity serving as significant predictors.

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