Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

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Volume 5 Issue 2 (April/June 1992), Pages fmi-fmi, 77-153

Provision of step‐level public goods with continuous contribution (pages 133-153)


Twelve groups of five subjects each participated in a nonco‐operative game in which each member of a group receives the same endowment and must then decide independently and anonymously how much of it to contribute to the group benefit. Regardless of the size of his or her contribution, each member receives the same reward if, and only if, the sum of contributions is equal to or larger than a prespecified provision threshold. The results show that the level of contribution depends on the provision threshold, and that it increases when contributions are not restricted to be all‐or‐none. We present, discuss, and competitively test two models for this class of social dilemmas, one postulating maximization of expected utility and the other yielding an equitable solution.

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