Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

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Volume 1 Issue 4 (December 1993), Pages 183-245

Smart Spatial Information Systems: Extending Geographic Information Systems in the Space Age (pages 229-240)

The use of geographic information systems (GISs) in local, regional and state governments is increasing, now at a rapid rate, with regard to conventional applications. However, the requirements of emergency management are not usually included within the design and original phases of GIS's acquisition. The author believes that it is both necessary and technically possible to define emergency‐related applications into specifications. With regard to ‘creeping crises’, this is a matter of urgency, so that hazard index analysis should be conducted at the onset of systems' design. The role of a range of existing and future space technologies is also considered in the context of enhancing existing GISs, especially with regard to remote sensing applications.

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