Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

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Volume 4 Issue 3 (September 1996), Pages 119-184

Training Concept for Environmental Emergency Measures: Structuring Knowledge (pages 175-183)

During an environmental emergency, intervenors must make rapid decisions to the best of their knowledge regarding the environment and the event itself. To insure optimal decision‐making, intervenors must acquire the necessary reflexes through numerous and realistic training sessions. It is, therefore, necessary to provide economical training methods. Advances in computer science in the area of data‐bases and expert systems allow one to envisage the development of computer tools to further emergency response training.

This article is an overview of the work carried out in this area. The authors have developed a computer method for training in environmental emergency response in the context of an oil spill in the St. Laurence River. Knowledge structuring and management methods are presented, following an overview of the study context. Lastly, ongoing computer developments are summarized in order to validate the methodology that has been developed. The work carried out opens the door to applications for other types of emergency response and serves to illustrate the usefulness of such a computerized approach.

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