Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 77 Issue 4 (December 2004), Pages 413-547

Cognitive analytic therapy: Comparing two measures of improvement (pages 479-492)

A sample group of 49 patients began a course of cognitive analytic therapy and completed two questionnaires at the end of the first session. The 32 patients who completed the course completed the same two questionnaires at the penultimate session, and the 30 patients who attended a 3‐month follow‐up completed the questionnaires again then. The two questionnaires were the Person's Relating to Others Questionnaire (PROQ2) and the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation (CORE). There was a high positive correlation between the total scores of these two measures and between the CORE and two, three and four of the PROQ2 scales at the start of therapy, the end of therapy and at follow‐up respectively. By the end of therapy there were significant drops in scores on three of the eight PROQ2 scales and on the total score, and on the CORE. By follow‐up there were significant drops on four PROQ2 scales and the CORE, but only two of these were the same as at the end of therapy. There was no obvious explanation why some patients registered a greater drop on one questionnaire than on the other.

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