Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 77 Issue 4 (December 2004), Pages 413-547

Satisfaction with a romantic relationship, depression, support and conflict (pages 449-461)

A major aim of this study was to determine whether the association between support and conflict would be weaker when assessed in terms of a specific instance than in general and, if so, whether conflict as well as depression would mediate the association between support and satisfaction with a romantic relationship as suggested by Cutrona (1996). The Relationship Assessment Scale (Hendrick, 1988), the Revised SCL‐90 Depression Subscale (Derogatis, 1983) and four scales measuring conflict and support as typically and as last shown were completed by 76 female and 24 male college students. Because they were so highly correlated, the typical and the specific measures were combined to form a conflict and a support scale. There was a direct association between support and relationship satisfaction which was not mediated by either conflict or depression. These results indicate that support may play a stronger role in determining satisfaction with a romantic relationship than conflict, which has received the most attention.

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