Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Volume 78 Issue 4 (December 2005), Pages 331-569

Characteristics of participants in the Forum, psychotherapy clients, and control participants: A comparative study (pages 481-492)

‘New age’ activities, personality variables, symptomatology, and subjective well‐being (SWB) among the Forum (F) participants, psychotherapy (P) clients, individuals who are both Forum and psychotherapy (FP) clients, and control (C) participants, who were never involved in either F or P were compared. A group of 64 Israeli men and 76 women (mean age = 38.55 years) completed a demographic questionnaire; the Internal‐external, Sensation‐seeking, Happiness, Affects balance, Satisfaction with life, and Anxiety and depression scales of the SCL‐90. The FP and F participants used occult counsellors significantly more than the C participants, although gender differences were also found. All in all, the FP and P clients were more depressive and anxious, and less happy, less satisfied with their life, and affectively balanced than the F and the C participants. The rationality, personal responsibility, and mental health of the F participants are discussed in light of the results with considerations of short‐versus long‐term interventions.

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