British Journal of Educational Psychology

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Volume 68 Issue 3 (September 1998), Pages 309-474

Coping with peer arguments in school‐age children with bully/victim problems (pages 387-394)

Background and aims. This paper reports data on the relationship between bully/victim problems and the coping strategies used when confronted with a peer argument. Specifically, we examine the extent to which bully/victim problems are related to five types of coping strategies (Social Support Seeking, Problem‐Solving, Distancing, Internalising and Externalising).

Sample. The sample consists of 329 children (168 boys, 161 girls), drawn from the fourth‐ through sixth‐grade classrooms of three Flemish elementary schools.

Results and conclusion. In the correlational analyses, both victimisation and social neglect are shown to be related to internalising coping, whereas bullying is associated with externalising coping and with a lack of problem‐solving. Moreover, a positive relationship between victimisation and social support seeking was found. Separate analyses for boys and girls and a consecutive categorical approach provide a more precise picture of the link between social coping strategies and bully/victim problems.

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