British Journal of Developmental Psychology

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Volume 17 Issue 1 (March 1999), Pages 1-166

Book Reviews (pages 157-166)

Book reviewed in this article:

Social development. By H. Rudolph Schaffer.

The sources of moral agency: Essays in moral psychology and Freudian theory. By J. Deigh.

The origins of grammar: Evidence from early language comprehension. By Kathy Hirsh‐Pasek & Roberta M.

Valuing emotions. By Michael Stocker with Elizabeth Hegeman.

Children with autism: A developmental perspective. By M. Sigman & L. Capps 1997.

The world without, the mind within. By André Gallois.

What minds can do: Intentionality in a non‐intentional world. By Pierre Jacob.

Mind and morals. Edited by L. May, M. Friedman & A. Clark.

Images of childhood. Edited by C.P. Hwang, M.E. Lamb & I.E. Sigel.

Pretend play as improvisation: Conversation in the preschool classroom. By R. Keith Sawyer.

The cognitive neuroscience of action. By Marc Jeannerod.

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