British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 37 Issue 1 (February 1998), Pages 1-126

Malingering of memory impairment on the Colorado Priming Test (pages 99-102)

Objectives. We hypothesized that simulated malingerers would show a weaker priming effect and a longer response latency than control patients and patients with a brain injury on a priming test.

Design. Participants were compared on their performance on the Colorado Priming Test to replicate and extend the original validation study.

Methods. Of 33 participants, 16 were people with a brain injury and 17 were nonhead injured control patients who were also instructed to feign cognitive impairment (simulators N = 17).

Results. Up to 88 per cent of simulating malingerers and 75 per cent of head‐injured participants were correctly classified.

Conclusions. The Colorado Priming Test may be useful in identifying patients feigning memory impairment.

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