British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 37 Issue 4 (November 1998), Pages 371-473

Continuous norming: Improved equations for the WAIS‐R (pages 451-456)

Objectives. To provide more satisfactory continuous norming equations for calculation of WAIS‐R IQ figures than are given in Zachary & Gorsuch (1985), and to provide additional equations applicable to subtest scores.

Design. Psychometric analysis of published normative data.

Method. Multiple regression analysis of relevant data concerning IQ scales and subtest scores as tabulated in Wechsler (1981), involving appropriate transformations of scores and age, followed by relevant analyses of differences between calculated and tabulated values.

Results. The derived equations perform relatively well. Computational details are provided.

Conclusions. Continuous norming procedures have recognised practical and theoretical advantages. Equations presented here fit tabulated WAIS‐R data more closely than do the previous equations; the general method and transformations used may be applicable to other comparable normative data sets.

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