British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 39 Issue 3 (September 2000), Pages 223-328

Screening for memory problems in multiple sclerosis (pages 311-315)

Objectives. To assess the Brief, Repeatable Battery of Neuropsychological Tests (BRB‐N) as a screening measure for memory problems in people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Design. Sensitivity and specificity values were calculated and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curves plotted.

Methods. Patients were recruited from the regional MS Management Clinic. The BRB‐N and WMS‐R were administered.

Results. Using the Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) and 10/36 Spatial Recall Test (10 36 SRT) Total Immediate recall, the BRB‐N had a sensitivity of 93% and specificity of 48%.

Conclusion. The BRB‐N is sensitive at detecting memory impairments, although its specificity is low.

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