British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 39 Issue 3 (September 2000), Pages 223-328

Sex‐role traits and self‐monitoring as dimensions of control: Women with bulimia nervosa vs. controls (pages 317-320)

Objective. The study investigated sex‐role traits and self‐monitoring styles as two dimensions of self‐control amongst women with bulimia nervosa and normal controls.

Design and methods. The participants were 30 women with bulimia nervosa and 40 normal controls who completed questionnaires, which assessed bulimic symptoms, sex‐role traits, and Synder s Self‐Monitoring Scale.

Results. Women with bulimia nervosa were found to identify more strongly than controls with negative feminine traits and Other Directedness, a style of self monitoring that focuses on pleasing others.

Conclusions. These findings reinforce the notion that women with bulimia nervosa lack assertiveness skills and that the strategies they have developed in their interactions with others can be described as a Negative Yielding style of self control.

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