British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 39 Issue 4 (November 2000), Pages 329-430

Adapting the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test Extended Version (RBMT‐E) for people with restricted mobility (pages 363-369)

Objectives. The study aimed to facilitate use of the RBMT‐E with people who have impaired mobility by devising substitute tasks for the route and message subtests that do not require the individual to move around, and by presenting normative data for these substitute tasks.

Design. A within‐subjects design was used to assess a standardization sample. Participants completed two parallel versions of the tasks in counter‐balanced order in two test sessions approximately 1 week apart.

Methods. Substitute versions of the route and message subtests not requiring the individual to move around the test room were devised using commercially available materials. These were administered to participants along with other RBMT‐E subtests. Scores for each version were compared for the group as a whole and for subgroups divided according to age, gender and IQ. Based on the results, profile scores were derived for each task using box plot analysis. The participants (N = 111) were part of the standardization sample for the RBMT‐E and comprised consecutive series of recruits in two centres, Cambridge (UK) and Sydney (Australia)

Results. Normative data are presented in the form of mean scores for the group as a whole, for men and women, for people aged under 30, 30 to 50 and over 50 years, and for people with an IQ of either 90‐110 or over 110. Profile score transformations for the011011substitute tasks are provided.

Conclusions. Where mobility preclude the use of the route and message subtests of the RBMT‐E, the ‘model’ tasks described here can be substituted and profile scores calculated. 011011This allows clinicians to obtain a full spectrum of subtest scores for the RBMT‐E with mobility‐impaired patients, thus allowing the calculation of a total profile score.

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