British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 39 Issue 4 (November 2000), Pages 329-430

Symptom severity, personal and social variables after armed robbery (pages 415-419)

Objectives. To investigate the relative importance of personal and social variables on post‐trauma symptom recovery.

Design. Prospective survey of armed robbery victims.

Methods. Fifty‐one consecutive armed robbery victims were assessed immediately and at 1 month post‐raid for post‐traumatic stress. One month post‐raid, crisis support, causal attribution and coping were also measured. Thirty‐one of the sample were assessed for symptoms 6 months after the raid.

Results. Both the main and follow‐up samples had high levels of post‐traumatic stress symptoms immediately after the raid which reduced significantly 1 month later and, for the follow‐up subsample, further still 6 months later. Higher levels of symptoms at 1 month and poor crisis support were associated with higher levels of symptoms at follow‐up.

Conclusions. Purposeful coping, symptom severity and social support effect post‐trauma recovery.

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