British Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Volume 39 Issue 4 (November 2000), Pages 329-430

Book Reviews (pages 421-430)

Book reviewed in this article:

Ethics for psychologists. A handbook. By R. D. Francis. Leicester.

Ethics and values in psychotherapy. By Alan C. Tjeltveit.

Counselling and helping carers. By J. Mitchell Noon.

Post‐traumatic stress disorders: Concepts and therapy. Edited by William Yule.

The group context. By Sheila Thompson.

Speaking our minds: Personal refl ections from individuals with Alzheimer's. By Lisa Synder.

Individual quality of life: Approaches to conceptualisation and assessment. Edited by C. R. B. Joyce, C. A. O'Boyle, and H. McGee.

Essentials of forensic psychological assessment. By Marc J. Ackerman.

Treating postnatal depression: A psychological approach for health care practitioners. By J. Milgrom, P. R. Martin, and L. M. Negri.

Psychological problems of ageing: Assessment, treatment and care. Edited by R. T. Woods.

The soul of medicine: An anthology of illness and healing. By Peter Adams.

Understanding dementia: The man with the worried eyes. By Richard Cheston and Michael Bender.

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