Developmental Science

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Volume 2 Issue 4 (November 1999), Pages 387-494

Peer Commentaries on Andreas Demetriou, Smaragda Kazi and Stelios Georgiou’s The emerging self: the convergence of mind, personality and thinking styles (pages 410-422)

Ference Marton, The mind’s mind, p.410

Robert J. Sternberg, Some divergent thoughts on a convergent model, p.411

Cornelis F.M. van Lieshout, Self, mind, personality and thinking styles: just expressions of a single cognitive system?, p.413

Elizabeth C. Hair and William G. Graziano, What are the developmental origins of the emerging slf?, p.415

Jens B. Asendorpf, Commentary on ‘The emerging self’ by Demotriou et al, p.416

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