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Volume 11 Issue 1 (April 1998), Pages iv-v, 1-208

‘He Likes Women More Than He Likes Drink and That Is Quite Unusual’: Working‐Class Social Clubs, Male Culture, and Heterosocial Relations in the United States, 1920s–1930s (pages 84-112)

Throughout the early twentieth century working‐class men spent much of their leisure time in their basement hangouts, known as social clubs. Social clubs usually formed out of the associational life of young working‐class men and remained attached to a larger male culture. But they were also used for dances and other heterosocial interaction. This essay examines the organisation of these clubs and how members used them to negotiate homosocial and heterosocial leisure. In particular, it explores the struggles between men and women over the use of club space and how those struggles affected their relationships and male culture.

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