Journal of Organizational Behavior

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Volume 27 Issue 2 (March 2006), Pages 111-255

Darwinism, behavioral genetics, and organizational behavior: a review and agenda for future research (pages 121-141)


In this article, a case is made for the importance of evolutionary processes and behavioral genetics for organizational behavior. First, we present scientific arguments connecting evolutionary biology and psychology, Darwinian theories, behavioral genetics, and individual differences. Second, we provide a review of behavioral genetics research on constructs relevant to organizational behavior, such as cognitive ability, personality, work attitudes, and leadership. Third, we discuss mechanisms explaining genetic influences on organizational outcomes such as attitudes and leadership. Finally, current issues in behavioral genetics research in general and their implications for organizational behavior are discussed. We also discuss issues specific to conducting research on genetic effects influencing constructs from the organizational realm, and offer suggestions for future research. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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