International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 8 Issue 4 (December 2000), Pages 189-293

Adapting Work Analysis to a Fast‐Paced and Electronic Business World (pages 207-215)

The reliance of traditional job analysis on job incumbents as the primary source of work‐analytic data is critically examined. It is argued that the sole use of incumbents is practically and theoretically unjustified. The incorporation of non‐incumbents to the work analysis process is advocated, especially when abstract human attributes and strategic requirements are evaluated. The time and resource savings afforded by the use of mechanical estimation of work dimensions are also discussed. A revision of traditional formats of data collection in job analysis such as paper‐and‐pencil surveys and face‐to‐face interviews is proposed. Instead, the potential work‐analytic uses of electronic records of work information nowadays available in electronic performance monitoring systems are outlined.

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