International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 8 Issue 4 (December 2000), Pages 189-293

Impact of Assessments of Validity Generalization and Situational Specificity on the Science and Practice of Personnel Selection (pages 194-206)

The application of meta‐analysis, in particular validity generalization (VG) analysis, to the cumulative literature on the validity of selection tests has fundamentally changed the science and practice of personnel selection. VG analyses suggest that the validities of standardized tests and other structured assessments are both higher and more consistent across jobs and organizations than was previously believed. As a result, selection researchers and practitioners can draw on the research literature to make reasonably accurate forecasts about the validity and usefulness of different tests in particular applications. Distinctions between tests of validity generalization and tests of situational specificity are described, and difficulties in demonstrating that validity is constant across the different settings where tests are used are outlined.

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