International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 10 Issue 4 (December 2002), Pages iii-iv, 245-313

Modeling the Practical Effects of Applicant Reactions: Subgroup Differences in Test‐Taking Motivation, Test Performance, and Selection Rates (pages 258-270)

Research suggests that Black–White differences in test‐taking motivation may be related to subgroup test score differences, but this research has not shown the extent to which minimizing subgroup motivation differences will reduce subgroup differences in selection rates and adverse impact. This Monte Carlo study examined how enhancing Blacks' test‐taking motivation for cognitive ability tests might reduce adverse impact across a range of (a) subgroup test differences, (b) selection ratios, (c) subgroup differences in test‐taking motivation, and (d) relationships between motivation and test scores. The results suggest that although enhancing test‐taking motivation will consistently reduce subgroup differences in test performance and adverse impact, the effect is often small and will not eliminate adverse impact for any condition we examine. However, under some conditions the reduction may be important, and the discussion considers conditions where even these minimal reductions may be practically helpful.

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