International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 11 Issue 2‐3 (June 2003), Pages 107-252

Reactions to Computerized Testing in Selection Contexts (pages 215-229)

Organizations are increasingly using computerized tests (e.g., multimedia, web‐based, computer adaptive testing) in selection systems. A 2 (mode of presentation: paper‐and‐pencil – computerized)×2 (technical level of the job: high technical job–low technical job)×2 (selection decision: rejected or selected) between subjects design was used to assess proposed relationships between reactions to tests, their antecedents, and their consequences. While test‐takers' post‐test perceptions did not significantly differ as a result of mode of administration, computer anxiety and experience with computing were important factors in performing successfully. Significant relationships were found between post‐feedback reactions and test‐takers' intentions. The discussion highlights implications for implementing computerized selection tools.

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