International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 12 Issue 1‐2 (March 2004), Pages 1-205

How Applicants Want and Expect to Be Treated: Applicants' Selection Treatment Beliefs and the Development of the Social Process Questionnaire on Selection (pages 99-119)

In psychology, general beliefs are considered to be the stepping‐stones of future behavior and attitudes (Rokeach, 1973; Olson, Roese, & Zanna, 1996). The goal of this paper is to explore applicants' general beliefs about the selection treatment, namely the way they want and expect to be treated during selection. After the concept of selection treatment beliefs is introduced and both its theoretical and practical relevance is highlighted, the development of the Social Process Questionnaire on Selection (SPQS) is reported, which measures selection treatment beliefs. Factor analyses (660 students and 643 applicants) revealed six treatment factors. Applicants valued and expected transparency, objectivity, feedback, job information, participation, and a humane treatment. Apparently, applicants valued the six factors more than they expected them to be realized. The scientific and practical relevance of the findings are discussed.

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