Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 29 Issue 6 (June 1999), Pages 1111-1331

The Role of Self‐Awareness and Self‐Monitoring in Charismatic Relationships (pages 1246-1262)

In this paper, a hypothesis from a theory of charismatic relationships is examined that incorporates follower's level of self‐monitoring and state of self‐awareness. It is argued that changes in the state of self‐awareness affect the characteristics of the short‐term charismatic relationship between leader and follower, but only for high self‐monitoring followers. Providing support for the hypothesis was a repeated‐measures study. Participants (N= 78) viewed video vignettes of charismatic leaders presenting different messages, in either a high or low self‐awareness condition. When high in self‐awareness, participants with a high self‐monitoring orientation were more likely than when in a state of low self‐awareness to internalize only those messages congruent with their values and beliefs.

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