Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 32 Issue 9 (September 2002), Pages 1771-1991

Acculturation Attitudes of Potential Emigrants: Jewish Youths in Russia (pages 1845-1862)

The present paper investigates the acculturation attitudes of potential emigrants and their relationship to value priorities, cultural identifications, and psychological well‐being. The results confirm that potential emigrants have a well‐formed system of acculturation attitudes and that integration is the predominant acculturation attitude of the majority of potential emigrants. Preference for acculturation attitudes other than integration is associated with the psychological distress of potential emigrants. The research confirms that personal value preferences underlie acculturation attitudes of potential emigrants, thus indicating that each acculturation attitude allows accomplishment of different motivational goals in the situation of emigration. Cultural identifications of Jewish potential emigrants in Russia are discussed in light of their relationships with value priorities and acculturation attitudes.

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