Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 32 Issue 9 (September 2002), Pages 1771-1991

Factor Structure of the Spanish Version of the Ways of Coping Questionnaire (pages 1938-1954)

A Spanish translation of the Ways of Coping (WOC‐S) questionnaire was administered to three samples of Latinos sampled from Mexico City, Puerto Rico, and the San Francisco Peninsula, respectively. The factor structure of the WOC‐S was assessed with both exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. The factor structure that emerged was found to have important similarities and differences compared to that previously reported for members of the predominant United States culture. Across the sampled Latino groups, the WOC‐S exhibited evidence of both strong and strict factorial invariance (Meredith, 1993), suggesting it is appropriate for cross‐cultural research assessing coping within diverse Latino populations.

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