Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 36 Issue 6 (June 2006), Pages 1321-1594

Future Professionals and Managers: Their Attitudes Toward Unions, Organizational Beliefs, and Work Ethic (pages 1569-1594)

The authors replicate and extend the research on future workers' union attitudes, organizational beliefs, and work ethic. Selected demographic and attitudinal data were collected from a sample of 644 students at a small, western Pennsylvania university. Compared to earlier research on pre‐employment predictors of union attitudes, this study is based on a much larger sample size and includes a cross‐section of majors. The results offer additional support for the family socialization process; in general, future professionals and business managers are more sympathetic to labor unions if they were children of union members. In addition, the results show that student major has a significant and systematic impact on both positive and negative union attitudes.

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