Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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Volume 36 Issue 6 (June 2006), Pages 1321-1594

Prospective and Daily Measures of Acute Thoughts, Decisional Struggle, and Coping: Measurement Correspondence and the Prediction of Exercise in Young Adults (pages 1321-1336)

Information on the daily stability–variability of decision‐making social cognitions has not been obtained. Two purposes were: (1) to examine the correspondence between 1‐week prospective and daily measures of acute exercise thoughts, decisional struggle, coping frequency, and coping self‐efficacy and (2) prediction of moderate exercise. Seventy‐seven experienced exercisers (M age=22.36 years) completed a 1‐week prospective and daily measures of social cognitions. Prospective and aggregated daily acute thoughts were the only non‐correspondent measures. Aggregated daily acute thoughts were the only significant predictor of exercise (ßstandardized=.78, p<.01). Daily acute thoughts may be a determinant of moderate exercise in experienced exercisers due to the unpredictable nature of daily events, warranting attention to making daily exercise decisions.

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