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Volume 18 Issue 2 (April 2008), Pages 97-195

All in a day's work? Career self‐management and the management of the boundary between work and non‐work (pages 118-134)

This article reports the findings of a study that explored the links between career self‐management, management of the boundary between work and non‐work, and work–life balance, using a sample of young professionals. The findings show that individuals engage in different kinds of career self‐management behaviours, depending on their career goal. Management of the boundary between work and life outside work is identified as one such behaviour, with the consequence that, for some people, managing the career has a harmful effect on their work–life balance. The research adds to knowledge about the career self‐management process and shows how career stage influences career goals and career self‐management behaviour. It demonstrates how career attitudes and behaviours may be critical to the achievement of work–life balance and confirms that work–life balance matters to younger members of the workforce, regardless of their family responsibilities.

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