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Volume 18 Issue 2 (April 2008), Pages 97-195

Foreign subsidiary perspectives on the mechanisms of global HRM integration (pages 135-153)

Often in connection with the integration‐responsiveness dilemma, research on HRM in multinational corporations (MNCs) speaks more to explaining the appearance of HRM practices in foreign subsidiaries than to the mechanisms through which such practices are globally integrated. Accordingly, and adopting a subsidiary perspective, the present study has two main aims. The first is to identify the key mechanisms of global HRM integration, how they are used and by whom, and the second is to investigate the factors that explain their usage. The study uses qualitative data from 40 personal interviews conducted with general managers and the most senior HR personnel across 20 Finnish‐owned subsidiaries in China. Based on the contingency view of organisations, explanations for mechanism usage are attributed to certain internal characteristics of the subsidiaries and to the Chinese institutional environment.

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